Friday, April 3, 2009

38 weeks & other updates

I have a strong suspicion that tomorrow(& the weekend in general) will be a VERY busy day--so I had better get this posted today.

So tomorrow I will be 38 weeks according to my ultrasounds. According to my LMP (last menstrual period) my due date is April 22nd & I now find my doc leaning back towards that date..........I have no idea why, it certainly seems to me like the US would be far more accurate.......but whatever, it's only a difference of 4 days. I personally am going to stick with the US due date of April 18th. I am getting more & more impatient--both because I am really tired of being pregnant as well as because I am getting more & more anxious for the baby to be here already!! I've been through quite a range of feelings/emotions, etc throughout this pregnancy, but the excitement is now in full force & is definitely building.

I go to my doc on Monday again. The last 2 Mondays my cervix has been completely closed. But some women start dilating a couple of weeks in advance & some women start & finish in an hour & then there's all the in-betweens so I guess that doesn't really mean ANYTHING AT ALL. At my 36 week appointment she did the GBS (group beta strep) screening & I am happy to report that it's negative. So I won't be needing antibiotics at delivery time for that. Based on what I can feel the baby is still breech & if it remains that way it will be a c-section.....and I would imagine they would give antibiotics automatically with a c-section though.....pretty much any surgery they give antibiotics 'just in case'. They just love giving antibiotics. Hopefully they'll wait til after the baby is out though, so it will only affect me & not the baby. Although I've already taken antibiotics during this pregnancy (for my UTI), but less is always better IMO. Not much else to report really......some days I really feel like crap (cramping, nausea, heartburn, dizzy) & other days I'm tired, but fine aside from that.

As for Casa Buendia--we are still trying to replace all the stuff that's been broken by the painters. It's gonna take a while. We did go through the house last Monday night with our contractor & his top guy (that he left in charge while he was out of the country). At first he was kinda rude about the whole situation--like we were just being extra picky or something. But once he came in & saw our issues he changed his tune quickly. He said there was no way he could defend them. He agreed that he didn't want them coming back to try to fix it anymore than they already had (& he was viewing their third attempt at fixing it, I really wish he could've seen it prior to that, it was REALLY bad). So he agreed for us to have our own guy come in & fix it all. But our guy cannot be here prior to April 13th--he is totally booked.

Tomorrow our dining room floor is being installed--yay!!! And then our carpet is being installed on Tuesday--yay!! Hubby & I are both in agreement to just get this situation done & over as fast as we can (not that we've done anything at all to prolong it). We are tired of both the overall situation as well as our contractor. We still need a mold inspection done (our insurance recommended it & since the water damage must be disclosed when we sell the house having proof of a mold inspection would be a good idea, so we can show it to prospective buyers) & we now need to fight to get the blinds replaced. Not only did the painters break a bunch of them, but the smoke on them will not come off with cleaning, so they are going to have to be replaced. Beyond that once all the paint stuff is fixed & we have finished replacing all the broken items we will be done & can get on with our lives. I still cannot believe how long it's taking & how much of a hassle this all is. I soooooo wish we had just moved out & rented somewhere else.

As for Jardin Buendia--the cilantro & parsley are really growing. The green onions are peeking now too. No other new seedlings have sprouted yet. A lot of my plants from last year are looking a little yellow--I really think I need to fertilize them. And I think something is munching on my pepper plants, so I should probably start spraying them again with my garlic, pepper, seaweed spray (LOVE that stuff!!). It's just really hard for me to work in the garden right now, but I don't want to let it go. Soon the baby will be here & I will physically be able to work in there & I don't want it to get too bad in the meantime. Hopefully hubby can help me with it this weekend.

I'm also hoping we can put the rocking chair together this weekend (since I want it in the dining room & we're getting that floor on Saturday) & then the following weekend we can hopefully get the crib assembled (since we'll have carpet in our bedroom by then). Assuming the baby isn't already here by then..........who knows......

I'm still expecting it possibly for the 10th (just because all our important stuff always somehow falls on the 10th), but hubby is hoping for later. He says everyone at his work knows that at any time I will be calling & he will have to leave, but they are so busy they are all telling him to make me hold it till the end of the month, LOL!!

Anyways, I think that's all the updates for now...........

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