Sunday, April 19, 2009

40 week update here I sit at 40 weeks still waiting for Baby Buendia to arrive. I remember back in January having issues while at work & worrying that it would come early. As time has gone on I have been less & less worried about that possibility since the baby has matured more & is stronger & less likely to have problems with each passing day. But I never expected to be waiting this long.....I had really thought it would be here in late March/early April.

I am soooo tired of this. I was going to take a 40 week photo yesterday, but had some family stuff going on (family member in the hospital) & never got to it. As of last night I started bleeding, not a lot, just small amount, but it has continued through the night & into the morning today. Last night I was having sharp pains every 10 minutes, but they eventually faded away, so no actual labor as of yet. We are just sort of sitting & waiting for now..........hopefully the baby will arrive soon.

That's all I have to report for now................

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