Saturday, April 11, 2009

39 week update

Hopefully this will be my final pregnancy blog.

At my last doc appointment it was confirmed that the baby is no longer breech, which made me really happy.

I don't have much to report, just super tired, all is the same except that my swelling in my hands & feet just keep on getting worse & worse. I am positive (& so is my doc) that this is due to my heart murmur. My biggest concern early on in pregnancy was whether or not my heart (I have a heart problem) could handle the strain of pregnancy & it appears to now be really taking it's toll. If this baby doesn't come SOON I may end up in heart failure. This is what happened to a friend of mine who was 38 & had the same heart problem I do & was pregnant. This is my only concern at this point.

The Casa Buendia nightmares continue--we are meeting with our contractor today. We are considering firing him, but will see how it goes. We still do owe him some money & of course we have to negotiate that end of it.

Last night hubby left work a little early & came home & put the crib together--I am soooo pleased. So now we just need the rocking chair--not sure if it'll get put together this weekend or not--we really have a lot going on with the house.

I think thats about all, at least for now, my bed is calling me for a nap..........I hope everyone has a blessed Resurrection Sunday tomorrow.

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