Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Here's a link to a blog that I felt was excellent & wanted to share.

The 5 Scariest Things You Can Do This Halloween

And here's a good video I saw from YouTube

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

I know Halloween is a touchy subject for many Christians.  I am not judging anyone that feels it's ok to partake in or to partake partially in in some way.  I personally feel that we should have NO part in it whatsoever.  It is pure evil in my opinion.

I was discussing it with hubby recently & he agrees with my viewpoint, but he also says it's REALLY hard to get a child to agree.  He says he tried that with his two kids (of course with the mother not agreeing with him, makes it even harder) & all they could see is that were being denied something really fun, they only saw that they were being punished because they were Christians.  I know that EVERYTHING is a million times harder in a divorce situation (& trust me, those who aren't living in the middle of it have no idea, cuz I knew it was hard as an outsider watching my hubby prior to us marrying, but I didn't FULLY realize just how tough it is until we were actually married & I was really living in the middle of it all), but I wasn't present in my stepkids early upbringing, so I have no idea how it was handled & of course, obviously, with a mother that's not a Christian I do think it's gonna be near impossible to handle because the mom is gonna insist that the kids have a right to go trick or treating. 

But I digress, as for me & Lil J, I honestly don't know.  I plan to teach him from an early age what Halloween is really all about & I will pray that he understands & that he doesn't want to partake because of that.  Hubby feels that that is too much to expect from a child.  Only time will tell.

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