Sunday, February 20, 2011

22 month updates on Lil J

So my Lil J is now 22 months old!  WOW!!  He is almost 2 now, it's a little hard to believe. 

He now weighs 30 lbs (75-90%), is 34" tall (50-75%), & has a head circumference of 20" (>95%). 

At the beginning of the month he was really challenging me, doing things he knows he's not supposed to be doing & definitely deliberately doing them to see what my response would be.  I quickly cracked down & started the "time outs" again & within a couple of days he was behaving once again.  I can definitely see that if I get lax about discipline he will start pushing the limits deliberately.  It would seem that he WANTS me to discipline him.  I suppose, in a sense, a child finds comfort in knowing that their parents care & keep them safe. 

I guess one change I have noticed this month is that he is ever so slightly a tad more adventurous with food.  But it's VERY slight & not all the time even.  But I do hope that it's a sign of things to come in the future. 

He also seems to be much more difficult when we've been out in public this month.  It's quite embarrasing I must say, I can only hope that other people aren't too bothered.  I do try my best to keep him under control, but some days it's REALLY a challenge.

He's also been more physically active.  He is doing a lot more climbing & is a lot more coordinated than ever before.  I recently joined a group of Christian moms that homeschool at a local park & he was climbing up on the seat at the picnic table like nothing.  I was so blown away, as he has never done that before.  I guess he just saw the other kids doing it & decided to do it too.  He climbs down off of our bed with ease now too.  He's tried that a couple of times in the past but always lost control & almost hurt himself (mommy was close by to save him, but just enough so that he still realized he shouldn't ever do that on his own--a little fear can go a long way in keeping a kid safe IMO).  He's been climbing up in the rocking chair & the chairs at the dining room table as well.  He likes to try to climb on his toys, as if they were step stools, so he can get to things he can't normally reach.  He is quite the adventurer these days. 

Just this morning I caught him TWICE trying to climb out of his crib!!  So I'm sure it won't be long before we have to convert to a toddler bed.  That thought makes me VERY nervous.

That's really all there is to report this month.


Danielle-Marie said...

:) Landon's become a lot more sturdy in the last month or so too. This month I'm going to try to teach him how to walk up and down stairs instead of crawling up them.

Time outs have not been effective with Landon so far. He just has a bigger fit than he had to begin with. I guess I'll wait until he's understanding them a little better.

Lil J is 4lbs bigger than Landon...Landon's a pretty good eater most of the time but he has his days where he'll only eat 2 bites of every meal. He's also EXTREMELY active.

Thanks for the update, I enjoy reading these :)

Frau Guten Tag said...

I love to see how other kids are doing/developing--& especially with Landon since they are the exact same age, LOL. I don't say that in a competitive way at all, just curiosity & I do know that each child is so very different.

It's interesting to me how discipline is so different for each child. A lot of people tell me that spanking works better than anything else. I will spank, on specific conditions--if he already knows it's wrong to do it & still does it, especially when it's deliberately done defiantly. But spanks alone don't do much for Lil J, he will just repeat the action a few seconds later & again & again. I do hand smacks too, but it's pretty much the same response as spanking. But once I start the time outs (in his playpen, first offense is 10 minutes & 5 minutes gets added on to each offense after that) he usually shapes up pretty quick.

Lil J was 7lbs 14oz at birth & started packing on weight from the get-go. I remember one clothing size only lasted 2 weeks!! Around 10 or 11 months his growth started to slow down & his clothes last a lot longer now. But he's the opposite of Landon where most days he eats hardly anything & occasionally he'll have days where he eats A LOT.

And J is super active too, I think it's a boy thing, LOL.