Tuesday, September 30, 2008

11 weeks tomorrow

Ok, so tomorrow I will be 11 weeks. I am reading that it will be the size of a fig. I have no idea if I can find an actual fig to put on hubby's pillow.......why can't they relate it to the size of normal, easy-to-find food items....ho hum.....

Still not a lot to report--my next doc appointment will be Thursday, I'll probably be posting a blog after that. I'm still tired & nauseated. Especially the last couple of days, I was extremely nauseated in the evenings. It's like I start out good & my energy & stomach head south as the day progresses.

On Sunday my stepson wanted to go buy some tee shirts. He said he heard of a place that sells them for really cheap. So we took him there. Of course it was one of those really ghetto places. My hubby HATES going to those sort of places. Now it's not my favorite place, but to save money I will go. Especially when it comes to clothes!! Hey, I'm a girl, I love clothes, & the cheaper I can get them the better cuz it means I can have even more of them!!! So anyways, while we were there hubby decided to get some cuz he doesn't have any long sleeve tees & the cool weather 'should' be right around the corner. I wasn't planning to get anything, but this place had lots of really cute girl tops. I made a mental note to come back another time & do some shopping, but then I see a clearance rack. Any 3 tops for $9. How can I resist this??? So of course I start digging through the racks. I ended up with three thermal henleys. I had only wanted 2 of them & wanted to get a different style for the third, but none of them looked good on me. I kept trying on tons of tops. While trying on these tops I was amazed at how big my tummy has gotten. For some reason I noticed it more while there trying on stuff. Maybe cuz I was dressing right in front of a mirror, I'm not sure.

So I came home & measured. My originally 27 inch waist is now a whopping 32 inches. Now I don't say this in a complaining sort of way. I'm just sort of in awe--it seems sooo huge to me & I'm not even out of my first trimester yet. I'm just a little surprised cuz I always hear people saying that they didn't show until they were like 5 months pregnant. Now in one book I was reading it said how soon & how much you show varies from woman to woman. It said that women with weak ab muscles will show sooner, but with the amount I workout & my super flat toned abs I seriously don't think I fall into this category. It did say that small framed & very thin women would show sooner cuz there's no where for the baby to hide--I am hoping this is my situation, LOL!!

As for working out I am still going strong. Still managing 3 days each week. I am still doing the pilates & have been doing 40 minutes on the bike prior to the pilates this whole past week. It was too hot to go walking, no walks this past week sorry to say. I really wanted to walk today, but so far everytime I step outside it's still really hot, so I'm not sure that's gonna happen either.

So I guess that's all I have to report for now.............I shall be back after my doc appointment I'm guessing..........

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