Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mi Casa: tiling part IV: entrance

So the whole house renovation project has been put on hold for months now. We had so many illnesses in the family & other issues going on that our lives have not been 'normal' for a very long time. But we are still trying to get it done. Now with the baby on the way we are going to need a bigger house--we don't have enough bedrooms.......so the plan for now is to finish renovating, buy a bigger house, & rent this one out.

So we (actually hubby, I did not participate in this project at all like I did the other ones) finally finished tiling the entrance area. We tore the original tile out when we did the kitchen because we had rented a power tool to make it easier so our entrance has been really ugly concrete for months now. We are so thrilled to finally have it done.

The tile that was there before I thought was very pretty. Actually when we started tearing it out we realized it was just plain red clay tiles that had been painted on the top. Everytime I commented on how pretty they were (they appeared to be hand painted) hubby would grumble about how 'old' they look, so dated, so 80's. Ok, yeah, our house was built in 1987. Hubby likes to keep things looking new & modern. I like that too, but consider the fact that I grew up in a house built in the 50's that was never remodeled, so anything newer than that looks 'modern' to me, LOL!!

Here's the before pics:

And here are the after shots. We extended it out a little further into the living room area, it makes the entrance slightly larger & makes for more room when there are several people coming in at once, which we are really happy we decided to do. After much debating & deciding, we used the same travertine tiles with the brown marble accents that we used in our kitchen. We really like the glossy look of the marble that we used in the bathrooms, but we also really liked the size of the larger travertine tiles. My mother commented that when people come into your home they don't always use the bathroom, but they will most likely see the kitchen, so we should match it to the kitchen & so we did.

Ok, so we still need to tile the fireplace & we still need to floor the rest of the house. We were going to do travertine in the dining room, but we have changed our minds & are going to do a wood floor, probably a laminate, but we aren't 100% decided on that. And in our bedroom & my stepson's bedroom we are going to do wood floors. And then we just need to finish off by carpeting the living room & hallway.

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