Tuesday, September 2, 2008

7 weeks tomorrow

So according to the famous wheel that is used to determine due dates I will be 7 weeks tomorrow. When I first found out I was pregnant a gal in the ER at my work set up my wheel (it's based on the first day of your LMP) & xeroxed it for me & told me to keep it, which I did.

So I go back to the doc (the new doc) in one week. I can't help but think this is kinda wrong. The first trimester is such a crucial part of the baby's development & I can't seem to get any medical care. I really won't be seeing a doc until I am already 2 months along & if I was sticking with the other doc it would be more than 2 months (9 weeks)!! I mean, I know I'm a nurse & a generally educated person. I am taking my prenatal vitamins on my own (no doc has told me to so far), etc, but for people who don't know what to do--are they treated like this too???? And having worked post partum many times as a nurse I've seen the babie's born with problems & it's usually the moms who didn't get much prenatal care & the nurses are so judgmental about that. Maybe those are women who know that they won't get it even if they try? I don't know, but I think it's possible. I know a coworker of mine told me I didn't need to go to the doc yet & I was shocked, I wanted to know that I was doing everything right for my baby. I keep reading that most miscarriages happen before the first trimester is finished, so I do have to wonder if the docs just don't want to be bothered if it's not gonna be a full term baby? That's kinda a gruesome thought, but I do have to wonder.......it seems odd that none of them really want to see you early on.....

Anyways I am still struggling with my stomach. Still no actual vomitting, but a lot of nausea, all day long really. When I'm bored & need a distraction I work on my baby registry online, LOL!! And then when hubby gets home I have him look at what I chose & get his opinion to make sure he likes it too & now he's starting to get into it too. (At first he was like you have MONTHS to do this, you don't need to be worrying about it right now)

I have been neglecting my garden horribly. My zucchini plant clearly has some sort of disease, looks fungal to me. And the cucumber plants have some weird red bugs on them, but I don't see any damage--not sure if they are GOOD bugs or BAD bugs. I really need to get back to working in there.

I'm still not cooking for the fam. They are getting used to it by now, but I do still feel guilty about it. I'm gonna try today to go get a few groceries for them. I also need to get laundry done today.

I'm doing my pregnancy pilates workout 1-2 times per week & enjoy that. It doesn't feel very challenging, but I feel somewhat worked the next day. I have to get used to toning down the workouts, that's for sure. That's a real challenge for me.

I guess that's it.........can't think of any other updates..............just trying to survive the nausea with ginger ale & crystallized ginger (Yuck!). Living off of quesadillas, yams, & chicken stew still. I was craving arby's on Saturday & went & got some, it was GOOD! Haven't had arby's in a very long time. I really think it was my body's way of wanting more iron (since the iron in beef is more easily absorbed than from any other sorce). Hubby wasn't too pleased with my food choice, but I reassured him I wouldn't be eating it everyday!! And since my neighbor was telling us she lived on McDonald's hamburgers throughout one of her pregnancies I reminded him it could be worse than arbys..............LOL!

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