Sunday, September 7, 2008

Confirmation at last!!!

So there are a few perks when it comes to being a nurse. You can get a lot of things done on the the ER giving me a pregnancy test & if you're ever sick you can usually get a doc to write you whatever RX you might need, etc, etc.

So today the ultrasound tech at my work did an ultrasound for me. He didn't even ask how far along I've been told I am, he just measured the baby & said I am 7 weeks. I was so excited to see it match up! So I guess my due date really is April 22nd (right around my bro's bday!). He said everything looked normal, really the only formed thing is the heart & he said it looked perfect.

I got to see the baby's heart beating too!! He told me to wait 3 more weeks to get a picture of it, cuz it's so tiny right now. He said at 10 weeks you can really see it better. But I told him I needed something to share with my hubby, so he gave me a pic. I haven't tried to scan it into the computer yet, but the last time I tried to scan a pic it didn't don't get your hopes up.................

That's really my only update at this time.......I'm sure I'll have another blog to post on Tuesday after my doc appointment though.

EDITED TO ADD: I did get it scanned & saved in the computer & here it is! The head is on the right, it's in the fetal position. I 'think' that's the umbilical cord coming up out of it too. The GS stands for gestational sac. I think that about covers it..............

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