Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Please feel free to join in by getting details from Peggy:
FOR TODAY, Wednesday, October 27, 2010.
Outside my window… it’s BEAUTIFUL! upper 70's, clear with a crispness in the air that can only mean fall; and there's a wind picking up, which I love
I am thinking… about Lil J's nutrition, wanting to make sure all bases are covered; I have now added molasses to his kefir to up his iron intake, still trying to think of some new food ideas that he'd actually be willing to accept.
I am thankful for… being able to stay home & raise my son, I pray every day that I continue to do so & also be able to homeschool him when the time comes
From the learning rooms… I've borrowed my stepdaughter's keyboard to show to Lil J & see if he's interested & has any potential; so far I think he's doing pretty good.  My mother always insisted that we learn a musical instrument & I think that's a brilliant idea & plan to do that with Lil J--as he gets older I will allow him to choose his instrument (or I suppose there's nothing wrong with wanting to learn more than one over time) & I will put him in music lessons with his instrument.
From the kitchen… made home-made jamaica, horchata, & a loaf of bread today
I am wearing… a light grey top with a dark grey cami underneath & jeans
I am creating… can't think of anything, guess I need to work on that.........
I am going… to continue buying vitamins & toiletries online from, as I did last month, they sell all the products we buy in stores, but at much cheaper prices & shipping is always a flat rate of $4.99
I am reading…  the book of the month at my church "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (& the crusades)"  It's looks very interesting, so far it's not very interesting I must admit, but I've only just started it, I'll give it a chance still.
I am hoping… to figure out what to get the kids for Christmas soon!  I don't like waiting til last minute & have no clues so far.......
I am hearing… the wind roaring outside, LOVE it
Around the house… need to do some dusting this week for sure
Some of my favorite things… spending quality time with Lil J
A few plans for the rest of the week: no formals plans of any sort as of yet........
I am praying… for our "teen" struggles we are facing with my stepson right now


Sondra said...

I am SO HAPPY to be getting ready for Christmas, as every year it's usually stressful right up to the end. NOT this year! LOL!

I would so love your insights on learning a musical instrument. My 7yo Preston is taking violin, and getting his daily practice in is a bear. He still wants to continue though! LOL! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

Frau Guten Tag said...

Well unfortunately Christmas is stressful for us this year, especially financially. I've always been the type to do my shopping early, really early, like in October, & then sit back & relax & enjoy the season. Hubby has always been the type who waits til the last minute to shop. We usually compromise & do it somewhere between those two timeframes, usually early December, but with finances the way they are I know it's gonna end up being last minute mostly. We need more time to pinch together money to be able to do our shopping. And then of course property tax is due at the same time, arrrggghhhh!!!!

As for musical instruments, I'm not sure really, but I'm sure gonna do my best. I always remember my mom saying it was important for us to learn an instrument. I was the youngest. My sister took piano lessons, my brother took guitar lessons. My mother kept telling me I had to choose an instrument. I remember wanting organ in the beginning & then later guitar. My mother seemed stuck on me learning piano. She had my sister start teaching me when I was about 5 or so. My sister only taught me very basic stuff & then left me to entertain myself with that. I did just that for the next 5 years & then I stole my brother's guitar & lesson books & taught myself guitar with that. Unfortunately I never got professional lessons on any instrument & I wish so badly that I had. So I definitely want Lil J to get professional lessons, that is something worth spending money on. I do seem to remember my mom nagging my brother & sister to practice, so I know it's not easy, but I do think it's worthwhile.

I feel strongly about it even moreso now as I look at my stepson. He's in the teen years & has NO hobbies whatsoever. He is always bored & complaining about being bored & just fills that void with video games, internet, & TV, which I think is appalling. I look back on my own childhood & I realize that it's easy to be entertained when you're a young child, playing with toys is easy entertainment, but I think it's important to also develop hobbies that will carry through into the teen years & even beyond. As I look back on my own childhood I can see that I just happened to do that, I don't think my mother planned it that way at all. I do realize that back in my day we didn't have quite as much mindless technology that kids have today--computers, ipods, etc. I see a mentality in kids today that they expect to just sit back & be entertained, which is actually sad to me. I think back on my teen years & I remember reading, playing guitar, gardening, & learning how to cook. None of this was forced upon me by my mother, it's just what I did to fill to the time. I guess I did watch TV & listen to music, but it certainly wasn't all I ever did, although cable tv & the ability to record things & have things on DVDs have made that even more possible today.