Saturday, November 20, 2010

19 month update on Lil J

So Lil J is now 19 months old.  The big 'year & a half' mark has been passed up.

He now weighs:  28.4 lbs (50-75%), is 33.5 inches tall (50-75%), & has a head circumference of    20" (>95%).

I have to say this past month has been one of the most amazing & exciting so far.  In the past I have witnessed A LOT of PHYSICAL milestones, but I think this month I have seen the most MENTAL milestones occuring & it has been fascinating to witness.  He has also physically continued to develop, but he's done so much of that in the past 18 months that it's just not as exciting as the mental stuff this time.

He is now fascinated with his shape sorter toy & his star stacker (it's like the classic ring stacker, but has stars instead of rings).  In everything he does this month you can just see him looking at things & really thinking & problem solving.  At the beginning of this past month he finally reached the point where if he pulls a toy out of the toy chest & it's turned off he will bring it to me, as if to ask me to fix it (& of course I do happily).  And now he has recently reached the point where he can even turn some of them on himself.  If he isn't able to (some of them are harder than others) he will still bring it to me.

He still says "Gizzy", "hi", "daddy", "ball", & "Jesus".  Now he also says "muh, kisses" (which I say when I plant a kiss on him), "star", "sock", "duck", "ouch", "woah, woah, woah", "ow".  There might be others that I'm forgetting..... 

It's hard to put into words, but I also clearly see in him a level of comprehension that I've just never seen before.  When I tell him things I can tell that he really understands what I'm telling him sometimes.  In the past I would tell him things & was unsure if he knew what I was talking about.  And he is also much more obedient now than he has been in the past. 

Another big step for him now is that he knows how to blow his nose.  I know that's a silly thing to be proud of & consider an accomplishment, but I think it shows intelligence.  I just have to be quick with a tissue because if he feels like he needs to blow his nose he will just do it in his hands, LOL, but if I hand him a tissue he will blow into the tissue.

I think that's all the updates I have for now......

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