Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Please feel free to join in by getting details from Peggy:
FOR TODAY, Wednesday, November 3,, 2010.
Outside my window… it’s hot, it's supposed to be in the upper 90s today & the next couple of days, come on fall, get with the program!!
I am thinking… about the election & that I'm glad I joined my church in fasting & praying for it; I think I'm going to start fasting & praying for Joseph one day each month, I've been thinking about it for a few months, I think it's time to take action
I am thankful for… being able to vote on things, things don't always get passed, but at least we get a say in the matter, except for the dreaded prop 8, I still have a REAL problem with the fact that we voted on that & protected marriage & now ONE judge has the right to reverse what we voted......
From the learning rooms… not much new here, still daily Bible study & reading, some YBCR, some Spanish, some keyboard.....
From the kitchen… yesterday made more horchata & a lime zest cooler that was SUPER yummy!  hubby really liked it too
I am wearing… maroon tank top with denim shorts, I thought I had packed away my shorts til next summer, but I was mistaken!
I am creating… been working on J's baby book & wrote a letter in the baby journal for him, & still printing out the blogs about him & putting them in a binder.  I asked hubby if he honestly thought Lil J would ever look at or read all of this stuff, LOL, but he insisted that he would; at least if I die while he's young he'll have all this stuff to remember me by!
I am going… to Tijuana, Mexico, whenever mine & Lil J's passports arrive; I always get retin-A & go through the market (soooo different from our markets here, I love it!) & I want to get a vitamin for Lil J that they don't have here, really good for teeth & bones.  I also want to look around some of the shops, we've never really done that, & of course we always eat, hubby always knows the best places to eat!
I am reading…  nothing actually, except for reading with Lil J; my book of the month from church that looked so interesting really isn't, at least so far, I do want to still give it a chance & get further into (still in first chapter) before I give up on it, but it's so uninteresting to me that I honestly just didn't pick it up at all this whole last week
I am hoping… to figure out what to get the kids for Christmas soon!  I don't like waiting til last minute & have no clues so far.......
I am hearing… Lil J playing with his toys, such a noisy boy!
Around the house… got the laundry done yesterday, still need to dust & clean for the week
Some of my favorite things… being in & around nature; we took Lil J to a park last weekend to do his 18 month photo session & it was sooo nice, felt like we were miles away from the city, even though we really weren't!
A few plans for the rest of the week: a birthday party on Saturday, but nothing else really yet.......
I am praying… for my family on lots of different issues, & lots of friends & extended family; that I have Godly wisdom when it comes to raising Lil J

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