Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

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FOR TODAY, Tuesday, November 30, 2010.

Outside my window… it's very nice & breezy outside in the 60s

I am thinking… about how much Christmas shopping we have accomplished & how pleased I am about that & what's left that we need to do still......

I am thankful for… holidays, it gives us a great excuse to spend time with our families & friends

From the learning rooms… still daily Bible study with Lil J & been doing some reading in Spanish as well lately

From the kitchen… we're honestly STILL working on Thanksgiving leftovers!  and we even gave TONS of leftovers away as family left on Thanksgiving day!

I am wearing… a black & white striped sweater, a white cami underneath, jeans, & socks

I am creating… ???? I ALWAYS seem to be lacking in this area......and I am always the first to admit that creativity is not my strong point.......soon I am planning to start making tamales, that's pretty creative if you ask me ;P

I am going… to a chiropractor this Saturday (yay!!)  a friend of mine recommended this chiro & he charges $20 per visit & she says he's amazing & I've been really hurting for a while now, so I'm eager to go & I'm really hoping he can help with my hip as well.

I am reading… nothing at the moment, although I really want to read about the 5 love languages, especially the one that's for parents relating to their kids, or at least that's how I understood the book to be, perhaps I'm mistaken, I need to look into it more

I am hearing… the wind blowing outside......Lil J went down for his nap with no complaints, in fact he was practically begging me to put him down!

Around the house… we need to do the Christmas decorating

A few of my favorite things…the holidays, especially Christmas

A few plans for the rest of the week: hoping to take Lil J to a park or something fun like that

I am praying… that God will show us His favor according to His will, lots of friends & family too


Sondra said...

How did it go at the chiropractor's? I have had the Love Language book for a long time, and I have yet to read it! ACK! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

Frau Guten Tag said...

I LOVED the chiro! I've been to a lot in the last few years where they want you to commit to a package that costs a lot of money & you commit to going on a regular basis for a certain period of time. I assume most people just stop going & they still get paid & they love that. But I was still trying to find one that is "old school", where you just go as you need. I actually hadn't gone to any for a couple of years though, just couldn't afford it, but at this point I was hurting so much I HAD to go. This place was awesome! It costs just $20 & there is no pressure to come back unless you want to. And they didn't even suggest xrays (to make extra money). I was really impressed & very pleased with the full adjustment I got as well.

I went in about my lower back & hip (although I also have neck & mid back issues as well as scoliosis). My hip has been really bad ever since I was in labor with Lil J. Even though I was numb with my epidural I was having SEVERE pain in my left hip. Then after he was born (c-section) as I walked around for several weeks my hips were popping in & out of joint constantly. I asked my OB & she said it was totally normal due to the relaxin hormone. The popping in & out of place did stop eventually, but the pain in the left hip has stayed & my range of motion in my left hip is very very limited. But the chiro said it's not an easy fix & he couldn't fix it himself, he said it's caused by the ligament & not the bone or joint. So he gave me 3 stretching exercises to do every single day & says if I'm diligent (which I will be) that I should see some relief in a couple of months. He offered steroids to help fix it faster, but I declined on that & he wasn't pushy about it at all.

The only downside is that it's a good 20-30 miles from us.