Friday, August 20, 2010

16 month updates

So today lil J is 16 months old. He now weighs 26.6 lbs (50-75%), he is 32" tall (50-75%), & his head circumference is 19.5" (90-95%). He is slightly taller & heavier than last month, but his head circumference is still the same.

He still eats 3-4 times each day. I have added on sandwiches: grilled cheese & almond butter/jelly. He likes them, but they seem to be really filling to him. He won't eat the same thing for more than a few days without needing to take a break from it. I still feel like he needs more variety, but he's still very picky & that makes it really hard. He still drinks goat milk & goat milk kefir (which I put in the blender with fruits & veggies), & I give him one sippy of diluted juice each day, usually after dinner. And he drinks a lot of water, especially in this heat we're having right now.

He now says "hi Gizzy", "hi doggies", & "bye". A few moments ago he looked at me & said "I sleepy" & started rubbing his eyes. So I guess it's safe to say that talking has begun. He is probably saying a lot more than just these, these just happen to be the only ones I have picked up on. I'm sure he says a lot of stuff that I don't understand still.

He is very much a perfectionist & he has quite a quick temper. And he's very OCD about wanting things a particular way. When he sits to eat he can't just put his pacifier down, he is very particular about how exactly he places it & where he places it, things like that. If he tries to put a toy somewhere or do something with a toy & he can't get it he is very quick to get upset about that. And he's quick to get REALLY mad & throw things (REALLY hard, he could easily hurt someone if they are too close, we are trying really hard to teach him to not do this) if I interfere with plans he has (like when it's time to change his diaper & he just wants to play).

He's extremely active, running all over the place now. It's hard to keep up with him some days, like today. It's Friday & I am always worn out by the end of the week. Hubby usually gives me a break on the weekends & bathes him for me & changes some diapers. Last weekend he was really busy & didn't have time, so I'm even more worn out this Friday than most cuz it's been 2 weeks coming that I need a little break. Hopefully he will have time this weekend, he enjoys doing it & spending time with little J even though he's tired from his work week as well.

He finally lets me read to him without insisting on closing the book or sitting on the book or turning the page, etc, which is a huge break for me. I love to read to him, he's never seemed to appreciate it much until very recently.

I think that's all the updates for now.........

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