Monday, August 16, 2010


1) We were headed to a birthday party the other day. To a city a little far from us & it's an area we aren't very familiar with. The freeway was PACKED. We don't know the area well enough to know how to navigate on side streets. I had my iphone with me & it has maps & directions. But the only way I know how to make it tell me STREETS & not FREEWAYS is to tell it I'm walking (it gives 3 options--walking, taking the bus, & driving). So we get off the freeway & are following the directions. It tells us to turn onto this little dirt road. We proceed & it's really rough & getting narrower & narrower. It finally ends at a hiking trail. Hubby & I look at each other & turn around to go back to the main road & we both realize what happened & start laughing so hard. The directions assume we're WALKING so the hiking trail was totally reasonable, LOL!

2) The jumperoo is my babysitter every morning. Every morning I get up, brush my teeth, make lil J breakfast, bathe him, & put him in the jumperoo. Then I go work out & shower. He jumps & swings side to side in it. And he sometimes takes a nap while he's there. He has learned if he does the side to side swinging hard enough he can actually move the jumperoo around. The other morning he had managed to slide it up to our closet & then he opened the closet (sliding doors) & then he was pulling out all my shoes!!!!! Oh how this boy loves shoes! I think he's gonna be like his big brother--big brother has always loved shoes, LOL!

3) Lil J LOVES to throw. He has a few balls & he really can throw hard & far for his age. All the gals in the nursery at church tell us he's gonna be a baseball pitcher when he grows up. In his crib I keep 6 stuffed animals. He likes to cuddle with them & they entertain him when he's not ready to fall asleep yet. In the morning when he wakes up (he's always an early riser) he plays with them quietly & once he's bored with them he will throw them out of the crib one by one. At night I also leave him a sippy cup of water in the crib & almost always cover him with a blanket. He also throws these out in the morning as well. When I get up I throw them all back in his crib to keep him entertained while I make breakfast. This morning I got up & I'm throwing them back in the crib & what do I find among the stuffed animals??? His diaper!! I am totally confused & I look at him & he is fully dressed, shorts still on. I peek under his shorts & the diaper is surely gone. I still don't understand how he pulled this off, but thank God it wasn't a poopy diaper!! And if he does it again tomorrow I will make sure I start duct taping his bedtime diaper from now on!

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Sondra said...

HA HA HA HA! OH you do me PROUD! ~smile~ (((((HUGS))))) sandi~totally made my day!