Friday, August 23, 2013

Homeschool Preschool Unit 3--God blesses Abraham

We've started off to another fun-filled week of our homeschool preschool.  We are using Heart of Dakota's Little Hands to Heaven & Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons & various forms of Spanish. 

We began on Monday with a new fingerplay.  This unit focuses on the letter "C" & the number 3 & the story of Abraham.  We did a project that was titled "math activity", but it revolved around writing out the student's name & saying the name in different ways.  I'm not sure what that has to do with math, but my son enjoyed it nonetheless.  (It did have an option for an older child to write out a phone number instead of a name, but I still don't see that as being "math")  I had him trace "C" & "c" with his finger on the C flashcard.  He seemed to do well.  Tomorrow or the next day I'll have him attempt to write it on the dry-erase board.  And we glued 3 pieces of luggage to the number 3 page.  Luggage because of Abraham's trip that he packed for.  We did reading lesson #71 & some Spanish as well.  And we sang a new song, this one is about Abraham.  I also played The Books of the Bible & God Made The Universe as usual.

Abraham's luggage for his trip

On a sidenote: I headed back to Michael's on Monday to get tempera paint in more colors.  I had only purchased it in black & white as supplies needed for preschool (because those were the only colors & type of paint specified in activities in my teacher's manual).  And I had acrylic craft paint in brown & yellow from a Father's Day craft we had done previously.  But I have found that I prefer the water-based tempera paint for my son since it's non-toxic & washable.  [Just a couple of months ago I was clueless about all the different types of paint that are for sale in Michael's & now here I am being picky about wanting tempera paint over craft paint!!]  He loves to paint & I'm adding in extra crafts so I do think I need more colors.  When we did the tower of Babel craft last Friday he wanted to paint it blue, but all I had was black, brown, & yellow, & I could make grey with black & white mixed together.  He ended up settling for the brown, but I felt bad.  So I got a 6 pack of small bottles (blue, red, yellow, green, orange, purple) & a big bottle of brown (the little bottles only come in the 6 pack for some reason & there weren't any 6 packs with brown).  They had glitter ones & metallic ones too.  My son liked the metallic ones.  I was tempted, but it had grey & not red in the 6 pack.  I can easily make grey with my black & white & I really want red, so I skipped the metallic ones to my son's dismay.  (I also wondered if they were still as safe & non-toxic with the metallic stuff in it?)  If his love of painting continues & doesn't fade I will invest in them for sure.  I also found a painting book of Nemo.  It's just like a coloring book, but it comes with a set of water color paint to paint in it rather than color in it with crayons.  My son has never shown much interest in crayons but he sure does like to paint.  So for now I want to encourage the painting & let him have fun with it.  So far he just paints on a blank white sheet of paper, I thought he might enjoy painting a picture instead & he does love Nemo.  I was very impressed with his first attempts of painting pages out of it today. 
He's really interested in the car models they have there at Michael's.  I looked today but didn't see anything for his age range.  They had 8+, 10+, & 12+......I guess that'll have to wait..........
Later on Monday he asked to paint "AB&C" so I drew the letters & let him paint them.  Again, he did a very nice job in my opinion. 

Painting Nemo & Marlin
The pic on the bottom right: he says is two smiley faces & a street & a sidewalk

On Tuesday we continued with the fingerplay & reading/learning about Abraham.  We did our devotionals today.  I think if I had to choose between the two devotionals I mentioned last week I would choose "ABC Bible Verses" over "Big Thoughts for Little People", but my son is 4.  For a younger child I could definitely see "Big Thoughts For Little People" being a better choice.  But I'm still doing both of them back to back. I drew a big C on a page & covered it with glue & had my son place cotton balls on the glue.  He says it's a "cloud C", LOL.  We did some acting out the story of Abraham & Lot with stuffed animals, pretending they are our sheep.  And we did reading, he nailed every word in lesson 71 already today, so we will be moving on to lesson 72 tomorrow.  (He seems to be really taking off now with his reading abilities)  I had him attempt to write "C" & "c" on the dry erase board today & he was struggling & getting really frustrated & he gave up.  At his age I don't see the need to push it, so I let him just draw for fun on the dry erase board instead.  And we did our Spanish & then listened to our songs.  He listens quietly to the current song (this one is about Abraham) but he gets excited about the books of the Bible song & he gets REALLY excited about the God Made the Universe song.  He LOVES to dance to God Made The Universe, it's super cute. 

"Cloud C"

After school was finished he asked to paint Nemo again.  This one he painted with the water color paints that came with the book, but they are sooo pale that you can't even really see them.  He seemed very disappointed in it.  We will stick to the tempera paints I think.  Then he went outside to play.  I love that he enjoys being outdoors so much.  And I love that overall we've had a pretty mild summer, although I tend to think that that means we're gonna have a super cold winter.

On Wednesday we seemed to have a super busy morning & got school started around noon, later than we ever have before.  But we did get to it & we relaxed & really enjoyed ourselves.  We continued with the fingerplay. We read about God promising Abraham so many offspring that he would be unable to count them, just as the stars in the sky.  We made a tent in the dark with stars all around (see below) & we did some acting out of the Bible passage we read today.  I was thrilled to see how excited my son got when he saw me pull out the masking tape to put a big masking tape "C" on the floor.  He excitedly ran to get cars to drive over the "C".  We did reading lesson #72 (& he did REALLY great for his first time through) & then he did the extra craft I added on (that showed all the stars in the sky, representing Abraham's offspring that God promised him) while I read to him in Spanish.  And then we finished off with our 3 songs--the one about Abraham, the books of the Bible, & God made the universe. 

After school was done he was asking to paint.  When I asked WHAT he wanted to paint he proclaimed "Nemo!!"  I am very happy that this paint book went over so well.  I'm surprised that I couldn't find others like it at Michael's.  There are 2 other Michael's locations near me that I can check or else I'll have to look online I guess.  (I wonder if regular coloring books would work or if the paint ones have special paper that stands up better to the moisture in the paint??)  I thought he did a VERY nice job on it.  [After much frustration looking online I finally discovered that the term you want to use to search for such a book is "paint box book".  Now I found several & ordered a couple off of Amazon & stored some others in my wish list for later purchasing.]  I found only one generic one & some McQueen & Thomas ones.  There's a Disney Planes one coming out in January.  I do wish there were more generic ones available though.  There were others, but they weren't characters my son knows or is interested in.  That's why I wish there were more generic ones available. 

On Thursday we continued with our fingerplay & learning about Abraham.  We did "hide & seek C", which my son is really good at.  And he drew & counted tents.  He's getting really good at this as well.  I again used his legos to assist in this project.  We acted out the Bible story we read today.  He read lesson 72 in reading & almost got every word right, amazing for only his second time through this lesson.  I think tomorrow he'll completely nail the lesson & we'll be moving on to 73 on Monday.  We did Spanish & listened to our 3 songs.  I added on an extra craft today.  We made baby Isaac out of a toilet paper roll.  My son REALLY enjoyed this craft & can't wait for the glue to dry so he can play with it.  We got some new books at Costco yesterday, so he was really anxious to look at those today after school rather than paint.  Note to self: don't buy National Geographic books again, I had to do some editing on them to make them Biblically correct.  :( 

On Friday we continued with our fingerplay.  This day felt like a very short school day today to me.  We continued reading about Abraham.  We did some discussing & acting out & more discussing of our Bible reading for today.  He was supposed to write "C" with either cooking oil or liquid soap on an aluminum pan or paper plate, but I know my kid well enough to know that he isn't going to like the way it feels on his fingers so instead I had him practice on the dry erase board, which he loves.  He didn't really produce any legible "C"s without my assistance I'm sorry to say.  (So I didn't take any photos today)  He nailed reading lesson #72, so we'll be moving on to lesson #73 on Monday as I had predicted.  We did Spanish as well.  And we listened to our 3 songs.  Like I said, it felt like a very short day today, there was no craft or paper work of any sort & I didn't have any extra crafts that lined up with today's Bible reading. 
That's all for this week........hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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