Friday, October 10, 2008

12 weeks tomorrow & doc appointments

Ok, so tomorrow I will be 12 weeks--the end of the first trimester is here at last!! My nausea has lessened the last few days & I am told that within a week or 2 my exhaustion should also be coming to an end---I can't wait!!!!!!

So this week the baby is the size of a lime! That was an easy one, we ALWAYS have limes in our refrigerator.

On Friday I got a call from the first OB doc's office (the one I'm not seeing anymore). The gal tells me she got a request for my records from my current doc. She sounds confused & asks if I'm switching docs.......... I tell her yes I am. She says 'oh, ok, I'll fax all your records today then' She then pauses a moment & asks 'can I ask WHY you're switching docs?' To that I reply 'in all honesty I didn't like the way I was treated at your office' & to that the only reply I received was 'ok' & a prompt click. I guess it was too much to hope for an apology or something of that sort............

So today I saw the high risk OB for the first time. Actually first I met with a genetic counsellor that works in his office. She explained about my age & the father's age & the increased risks for things because of this. She went over all the options for genetic testing & then asked me if I needed more time to decide on it. I told her I would refuse the invasive diagnostic tests (the amniocentesis & chorionic villus sampling) but that blood work & ultrasounds were ok by me. I had to sign forms refusing the invasive tests. So today they did a 'first trimester genetic screening' They pricked one of my fingers & took blood for the test & then did an ultrasound of the baby (mainly to look at the spine/neck, this was part of the testing). I am surprised they don't do any genetic bloodwork on the father............ I told her my brother, sister, & I all have scoliosis. I told her my brother & I have pectus excavatum. She said there's a good chance the baby will have either or both of these, but since they aren't life-threatening they don't worry too much about that. In filling out the forms beforehand it asked about what medications I have taken during the pregnancy & I put down the retin-A. She asked about that & said they really don't worry about topical drugs--of course she said she couldn't guarantee nothing would happen, but she said she's never heard of a case of birth defects caused by a topical agent. I told her what my OB said & she said "I'm certain she's confusing it with accutane" I also told her that my husband's ex-wife had 2 miscarriages & they don't know why. She asked about all my immediate family & all hubby's immediate family members & their health & their children's health. She was drawing a family tree as she asked.

This ultrasound they did was quite fascinating!! I was staring at the screen wondering if I was really seeing what I thought I was seeing & finally the gal doing the ultrasound said "wow, this baby is ALL OVER THE PLACE! it will NOT stay still!" And that's exactly what I was seeing--it was flipping & spinning & moving ALL OVER. It was really a sight to see, especially after the last ultrasound I saw where it didn't move at all. I was able to see it's little arms & legs clearly & it's head & the umbilical cord. I'm sure that ultrasound tech probably thinks I just had starbucks or something, LOL, but I NEVER have caffeine, so that's definitely not the case. I think we have a little dancer in there.

So I go back to this doc on November 12th for a more in-depth ultrasound. The doctor met with me briefly & said it was too early to take a good look at the baby's organs, so they'll do that next time. And that's all there is to report for now...............

EDITED TO ADD: I forgot to include that I am still doing spinning & pilates 3 days each week. It's been too hot to go walking, but I heard the weather should be cooling off soon, so hopefully very soon I'll be able to continue with my walks also.

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