Thursday, October 2, 2008

Today's doctor appointment

So today I had my doctor appointment with my OB doc. It was really quick. They took my weight, blood pressure, & tested my urine for glucose & protein. She mentioned that she STILL has not received my records & lab results from the other doc. She had a doppler with her & we listened to the baby's heart beat with it. Before she attempted this she warned me to not get scared if she can't find the heartbeat, it might just be too early, but she found it very quickly with no problems. I am still feeling so extremely tired & I did ask again if she was sure this was normal. She said yes, most definitely. She even laughed & told me that before she was ever pregnant she remembered her patient's complaining about that & she just reassured them it's normal, but once she was pregnant herself she said she had a whole new understanding of it. She said you could sleep 12 hours & still be tired. You could sit on the couch all day & still be tired. I was nodding emphatically to this. She promised me it's normal & it should get better in a couple of weeks.

So on Monday if I'm feeling up to it I think I'm gonna go in person to the other doc's office & try to get my records for myself. I'm getting a little tired of their nonsense.

On the 7th I have my appointment with the high risk OB. On the 16th I have my appointment with the cardiologist. And on the 30th I will have my next appointment with my OB.

Oh yeah, I stopped at Trader Joe's on the way home & found now there's a fig on hubby's pillow. :-)

I guess that's all for now.............. (if anyone is still reading these that is, LOL)

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