Thursday, October 30, 2008

Doc appointment/due date change

So I saw my regular OB doc today.

My urine was again negative for glucose & protein. My blood pressure is still good (110/60). My doc started telling me she still had not received my lab results from the other doc's office. I just couldn't believe this--they had called me just a couple of days after I last saw her. They said they were faxing them right then. She went out & asked the receptionist gals again & they said they had a record that they had received it, but now it was nowhere to be found.........

She did have info from the cardiologist & the high risk OB though. She said based on the ultrasound the high risk OB did I am actually farther along than previously thought. Today I am 16 weeks & 5 days. And my due date is now April 18th. What I don't understand is how I went from 15 weeks & 1 day to 16 weeks & 5 days & yet my due date only moved by 4 days???? (It was previously April 22nd) I don't know, it's that whole mysterious due date thing............ At least I'm a little bit closer to my 20 weeks, so I can claim I'm half way there sooner than I had expected!! Although I must say it's even more depressing that I am even farther into my second trimester than I thought & yet the fatigue & nausea (not to mention the headaches) are still here to stay.

She listened to the baby's heart beat with the doppler again. Last time she warned me that sometimes it takes a while to find it or it may be too early to find it & she found it right away. This time it took her quite a while to find it, but she did, the heartrate is in the 170's, which is normal.

Prior to the end of the visit I brought up my big question. I've been thinking this over for weeks now & have finally discussed it with hubby. At my age I do not want anymore children. And even though this is technically my first, it's really our third (I have 2 stepchildren) & that's a big family in my opinion. And because of all my issues with my ovaries I know I can't tolerate birth control anymore. I brought it up to hubby recently & he agreed completely with me. We discussed the fact that it's simpler for a man to have a vasectomy than for a woman to have a tubal ligation, BUT I still really want my right ovary removed (it's enlarged & abnormally shaped). So I brought all of this up to my doc. She said if I was in my 20's she would tell me no, but because I'm in my late 30's she said absolutely yes. As for the ovary, she said she wants to do an ultrasound later & take a look & at the time of the tubal she will look at it again & if it is indeed abnormal she will remove it. She said if I end up having a C-section she'll do it right then. She said the paperwork for the tubal is done at 28 weeks. I know there are a lot of legal issues time-wise about when the consent for that is signed. It's not something that can be done last minute, there's an amount of time that has to pass from signing the consent to having it done so that you legally had enough time to rethink & possibly change your mind. I know all of this because I've assisted with tubals many times, both done randomly (for lack of better terminology) as well as being done post-partum.

So as I walked out to the desk to schedule my next appointment the gals were frantically looking for my blood work from the other doc. Then they got a call from my doc (from her office) & she said it was there on her desk. They all had a huge sigh of relief.

Oh yeah, my high risk OB had called recently & said that my first trimester genetic screen was normal. And then today I had blood drawn for the AFP test that tests for several types of birth abnormalities.

So on Saturday I am 17 weeks!!

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