Sunday, February 1, 2009

29 weeks

So yesterday marked 29 weeks for my pregnancy. We had some computer issues that prevented me from logging in yesterday, so I had to wait until today to get on here to post this.

So in reading my weekly email the baby is close to 3 pounds now. It's bones are hardening, so it's sucking all my calcium. So that explains why I am craving so much dairy foods lately. It's really been crazy how much I've been craving & consuming them. The lungs & brain are continuing to mature as well.

We took our tour at Riverside Community Hospital last Wednesday. We decided to go with RCH. It's a little farther from home than Parkview, but it has a higher level NICU (just in case it's needed) & the whole OB unit is separated from the rest of the hospital (OB is generally a "clean" unit & the rest of the hospital is not, so mixing them is not a good idea, which Parkview does) & very secure, & because I worked there before I would bet I could be treated very well & possibly even get a private room if they aren't overwhelmed with too many patients while I'm there. Hubby is in total agreement.

The pain I was having before has definitely lessened, but my days at work are still tough. I am really hoping I can go off on maternity leave soon. Everyone is commenting that the baby has dropped much lower in the past week or so. A lot of people are saying it's REALLY low for 7 months & they are predicting will come early. We shall see...........

So later this month I have the carseat safety class & the baby shower. I can't wait for those to get here. I did get the final ingredients needed to make the baby formula & I made a batch of it & put it in the freezer. So whenever the baby decides to arrive we just have to thaw it out & we are ready to go. And it really wasn't even hard to make at all. I believe I made enough to last about 4 days, but that will certainly vary depending on the baby's appetite.

I definitely need to start looking for a pediatrician. The hospital expects me to have one chosen prior to the baby's arrival. I am even supposed to have them sign a form stating they will accept my baby as a patient.

As for our house, there is no change as of yet. We are still waiting on the insurance. We are still considering possibly hiring either a public adjuster or a lawyer. We have already retained 3 lawyers (for 3 different issues) recently. It seems funny to me--how many lawyers could one family possibly need?? But perhaps one more to help out with this issue is needed.

I think that's all the updates for now.............

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