Monday, February 16, 2009

31 weeks Saturday

We had a crazy busy weekend--so I couldn't get to posting this blog until now. I tried yesterday a couple of times, but kept getting interrupted.

So I am now 31 weeks. One more week & I'll be 8 months! I was struggling with a sore throat & slight head cold, got the sore throat kicked, but now the head cold is worse (phlegm is bright yellow, so I do know it's a cold & not just excess mucus due to pregnancy hormones) & I have a slight cough. The cough is really not that bad, but the head cold is getting bad & all last night I felt like I was starting to get a UTI. I didn't get much sleep. I'm certainly hoping I can flush it out before it gets really bad.

So the baby is now well over 3 lbs. I've been off work for a week now. As long as I rest I am fine. If I am on my feet too much I start to have cramping/pressure/pain, etc. On Thursday night I couldn't get any sleep (baby was moving around all night & is getting very strong now) & then on Friday I was exhausted & also extremely dizzy, but that has gone away, thank God. We had a big birthday party on Saturday for my stepson & I was making cupcakes, etc in the kitchen all morning. I brought one of our stools in there & was able to sit for most of it, which was good. And then when I was done I took a nap & then headed back to see what I could help hubby with. But I never really did much aside from the cupcakes & washing/drying some dishes. I made over 40 cupcakes, though, it took me over 4 hours (3 different cupcake batters & 3 different frostings!)!! I was worried we wouldn't have enough, but we did & had a handful left over, so all went well. We had bought 6 whole chickens & all but 1 were finished off!

Anyways, back to the baby--tomorrow morning I have my ultrasound appointment. This will probably be my last ultrasound. I do think the baby is still breech due to how it feels when it's moving around. I am hoping they give me a picture from the ultrasound--then I'll have 3--one from each trimester.

And then a week from today I go back to see my OB & we'll discuss my work status. Hubby says he's going to go with me, he does not want me returning to work & I agree. I'm sure it'll be a financial strain, not sure how much disability will pay, but we need to think of what's best for the baby.

The baby is extremely active anytime we are in a moving car--not sure if it's because it likes or dislikes this movement. And the last few nights it's been extremely active for most of the night, making it hard to sleep--it used to get really active when I first laid down but would settle down soon after. Not sure why it's decided night-time is play time now. Hubby says it's a night-owl like him, LOL. Actually now that I think about it, if I had to guess my guess would be that it is enjoying the car ride, because it isn't the frantic movement the baby makes when it touches the cold sink counter or when I get stressed out at work--there does seem to be a difference in the way it's movements feel when it's unhappy or startled.

Tomorrow evening I have my car seat safety class. Hubby said he wanted to go & I didn't tell him ahead of time & he won't be able to get off in time, so he told me to take notes. I told him I didn't think he was interested in going, figured he knew it all cuz he's done this twice before, but he says he is certain laws have changed since then, LOL, cuz it's been so long. So I'll be taking notes for him & at the end of class I'm supposed to get a free car seat! That will be exciting to have. I do know the car seat is supposed to be in the back seat, in the middle spot, & facing backwards. My question I keep asking (that so far no one has known the answer to) is how long do they have to face backwards? I am definitely wanting to get a mirror to put up so I can see the baby even though it's turned around!! I registered for one, but if noone gets it for me I'll definitely be buying that myself, LOL!!

I received a gift of baby bottles in the mail from an out-of-state relative & it's so exciting to me to actually have baby bottles in the house. They are so adorable to look at. My shower is this coming weekend--I am sooo excited, can't wait!! We are trying little by little to get our bedroom situated for putting the baby in here--we don't have a bedroom available for the baby, will need to go house-hunting in about a year. But mostly we're waiting for all the repairs to be done--mostly the painting & carpeting now. We don't see the point of moving our furniture, etc only to have to move it all again for the workers. But we have an idea of how we want it, though I'm sure once we start putting it that way we'll probably make some changes to those plans.

I've been telling hubby that I really want a rocking chair that I can sit in & rock the baby to sleep in. I did register for one that matches the furniture for the baby's room (crib & changing table), but it's pretty pricey & I doubt anyone will get that for us. Hubby agrees that it's a good thing to have. We have received checks for the baby from 3 relatives out of state so far. We have decided to go looking at rocking chairs sometime soon & maybe we can put that money towards one.

I think the number one question we've been asked throughout the pregnancy is "is it a boy or girl?" My answer is always "it's a surprise!" Hubby's answer is always "it's a baby!" LOL, I can't believe how irritated people get & so many have told me that's just not reasonable--how on earth can I plan a shower or anything else like that. To that I remind them that until very recently there was no technology to determine the sex ahead of time--how on earth did those people do it??? Yeah, I get a lot of dirty looks over this issue, LOL. The second most popular question--names. We've had quite a lot of stress in our lives since last summer & honestly haven't had much time to sit down & do stuff like this. A while back we had agreed on a girl name, but I didn't want to announce it until we had a boy name picked out also. We both agreed from the getgo that we wanted Biblical names. I think the reason we picked the girl name first is because there aren't quite as many to choose from. The boy name was hard for hubby, there were lots of them that I liked, but hubby kept shooting them down. So if it's a girl we are planning to name her Esther Emma. And if it's a boy we are planning to name him Jeremiah Daniel.

I was also able to get caught up on my journal to the baby this past week, which I am extremely pleased about. My brother & sister in law gave me a journal to write letters to the baby for my last birthday & I wrote one right away, but for all of my first trimester & the beginning of the second I totally felt like crap & just didn't feel like writing. And so I got way behind. Then everytime I would look at it it seemed like soooo much work to get caught up now. I have kept up on taking photos to put in there (that's the main reason I take these monthly photos--for the journal). This past week while I was doing a lot of resting I finally started to do some writing & I am now totally caught up. I still need to print out the photos I have for it & put them in there, but that's easy enough to do.

I think that's all the updates I have for now................will post a 8 month photo next week!! It's getting bigger every day! Can't wait for it to come out--I feel like someone has hijacked my body & I want it back already, LOL!!!

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