Monday, February 9, 2009

OB appointment today

So hubby called my OB's office this morning to discuss my issues at work, specifically Friday's issues. The past couple of visits I keep telling her I'm having a hard time at work & she just brushes me off.

They put me down for a 2pm appointment to come in & discuss it with my OB. At the appointment it was clear she had no clue that I was not due for an appointment yet, she just thought it was a routine appointment. So then I brought up my work issue & she wouldn't even let me finish telling her what happened & she didn't even offer any explanation or anything--she just cut me off & said she would write me a note for 2 weeks off work & then we could reevaluate in 2 weeks & see what needs to be done.

I know that the earliest I've seen people go off is 8 weeks prior to their due date, which I will be in 2 weeks. So I'm wondering if she needs to do it this way & then in 2 more weeks she will be able to put me off work on disability or if she just doesn't want to be bothered with putting me off for good yet. I'm not exactly sure how the system works........

In any case I am now off for the next 2 weeks & shall be doing lots of resting during that time. My ultrasound is on the 17th & I go back to my OB on the 23rd.

I believe that's all I have to report at this time.................

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