Saturday, February 7, 2009

30 week update...

So today I am 30 weeks pregnant. 10 weeks more is the expected norm. This is like the big countdown in my eyes. Although I'm still betting this baby won't wait til 40 weeks. It seems rather impatient, much like both of it's parents, LOL.

I again did not workout this week, I was trying really hard to take it as easy as I can. The baby is getting extremely active now & is getting stronger & stronger all the time. According to my email updates it's now over 3 lbs & is around 16 inches long. I saw my OB this past Monday--she said she wanted me to have another ultrasound at the high risk OB office. She wanted to check on the location of the placenta (it had been low in the past) & she wanted to check on my ovaries (cuz I've been bugging her about removing the right one).

Work is still extremely hard for me. I don't know what it takes to get the medical ok to go on maternity leave, but I'm praying I get it soon. Yesterday I had an issue at work, where I really thought I was possibly going to go into labor. I was very scared. I called my OB's office, but for liability reasons they will not talk to you, they will only tell you to contact the labor & delivery dept at the hospital. So I called the triage line at the hospital & explained to them what was going on & they told me to take a relaxing shower & lay down (which I couldn't do at work) & to stay in bed the next day also.

When I got home from work I went to take a shower, but honestly couldn't stay on my feet for even that (which shocked hubby, cuz he knows how much I love my showers). So I crawled into bed & stayed there for a few hours before I braved getting up & taking a shower. Then I went back to bed. I have spent all of today so far in bed, with the exception of a quick shower this morning & bathroom priveleges. Hubby says he's gonna call my OB's office tomorrow himself & ask about getting me on medical leave from work. I'm planning to call the high risk OB & beg to get the ultrasound done sooner (they have it scheduled for the 17th, but my next OB appt is the 16th, so it's kinda pointless, I'll have to wait til the NEXT OB appt to find out what's going on).

When I do get up (to use the bathroom) I am still feeling a lot of pressure & the urge to bear down & push, which is part of what was going on yesterday. I know in another 2 weeks the baby's lungs will be safely developed, so at that point I won't be quite as worried about it arriving early, but for now I am VERY concerned. I have no doubt that it would survive at this point, but it could be on a ventilator for a while & I just worry about it's future respiratory status having been born without the lungs fully developing first. I would rather keep it in there at least 2 more weeks.

As for Casa Buendia: still no action going on here. The insurance said they would pay more than they already agreed to, but it still doesn't cover everything. And we are still waiting to receive the money. The check for the smoke damage was issued to both us & the mortgage company (this seems to be the policy for most insurance companies if the amount is greater than $10K). So we had to send it to the mortgage company & then they sent us a bunch of paperwork to fill out regarding it & so we are still waiting for that as well.

I guess that's all the updates I have for now..............

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