Monday, February 23, 2009

Just a little bit more ranting about docs

So about a month ago hubby felt like he had something stuck in his throat. He had eaten fish for dinner, but he hadn't seen any bones. We eat fish quite often & are always really good at noticing bones. This fish didn't have ANY bones as far as we saw. It was so bad that he felt pain, felt like he was choking, & was actually coughing up blood.

I think it happened over a weekend & I had asked hubby to call our doc on Monday but by Monday it had pretty much resolved. BUT several times since then the pain has returned & hubby feels like he is choking. It happened again yesterday & so this morning I called our doc to try to get him in.

I know I have raved about our doc before & yes, I'm gonna do it again. First let me say that hubby was taking off work early today cuz he's sick & also cuz he wanted to go with me to my OB appointment. So he thought it was a perfect day for him to see our doc about this.

So I called our doc this morning & they said they were totally booked, but they could squeeze us in first after their lunch (2:00), BUT my OB appointment was at 2:15, so that wouldn't work. Then they said they would speak with the doc & call one of us back.

So they finally told us just to come around 3:00, but it could be earlier or later, they really didn't care. We got there around 2:45 & didn't wait long at all. He said he wanted to refer hubby to an ENT specialist. Hubby asked how long this would take cuz it's hard for him to get off work. Our doc asked us to wait in the waiting room & he would see what he could do. He came out about 5 minutes later with the referral form in hand & said he called the doc himself & the doc has agreed to see us right now, his office was right up the street.

So we headed over there & the waiting room was packed & people were grumbling about waiting HOURS past their actual appointment time & others were saying that that's how it ALWAYS is here. Still others were arguing that he was such a good doc that he was totally worth the wait. I would bet that he's the ONLY ENT available on our insurance & is totally swamped with too many patients. This system is just totally insane & unacceptable. There were also people grumbling about the fact that they had to wait 2 months just to get an appointment!!

I actually felt a little guilty cuz we just walked in as brand new patients with no appointment & got seen in about an hour. He looked in hubby's throat with a mirror & insisted there is nothing there. He started rambling on about acid reflux, blah blah blah. Hubby insisted that it isn't acid reflux & reminded him of the bleeding, etc. He finally agreed to order a CT scan of his throat to take a closer look. So for now we're waiting for the authorization for the CT scan & then we'll go from there.......

Oh, one more report: we asked our doc if he recommended any pediatricians on our insurance & we pointed to my belly. He said that he sees all ages & even comes to the hospital when they are born. I had suspected that he saw babies, but I wasn't certain & didn't want to assume. He gave us a quick tour & showed us the baby room they have. I told him I'd bring the hospital form I needed him to sign by soon. Hubby agreed completely--we feel really good about choosing him as our baby's doc after all he's done for us.

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