Saturday, March 21, 2009

36 week update

So today I am 36 weeks--entering the 9th month. I have posted what I hope to be my final pregnancy photo--the 9 month photo. There will only be another photo taken at 40 weeks if this baby insists on staying in Hotel Uterus for that long, but I'm certainly hoping it doesn't. Even though I feel like I've been pregnant FOREVER at this point I also find it hard to believe that the baby should be here in 4 weeks (or possibly less!).

This past week has been a bit erratic for me. We had painters here all week. I have spent my week at my mom's house camped out on her couch so I can be out of the painter's way & avoid the paint fumes. We also ended up staying in a hotel for 2 nights this week because of the fumes & all the plastic in the house--it felt like I was inside a cocoon when I entered the house, very creepy!

The baby still moves around A LOT. Yesterday it was in a head down position, but this morning it was back in breech position (that happened last Friday also). Right now it is totally longways across my abdomen--the head is on the left & feet are all the way over on the right. If the baby holds out til 40 weeks I am guessing that it will be around 8-9 lbs.

So once the painters have finished painting (they claim Monday will be their last day, but I really think they'll need at least one more day after that) then we can get the carpet put in (& laminate in the dining room). After that we get to put in the crib & dresser & I can get all the stuff washed & put into the drawers. That will be such a great feeling I must say! I cannot wait for that to be done.

All of the baby stuff has now arrived, with the exception of the rocking chair. It is supposed to be here sometime this next week, but it's not being delivered to our house, we have to pick that one up at the store. It really doesn't look like much stuff, but at the same time I feel we have covered everything--I don't really think we "need" anymore stuff at this point.

My next appointment with my OB is on Monday. I am told she will check my cervix for dilation & do the GBS test. And I believe I will start seeing her on a weekly basis from here on out.

I think that's all the updates I have for now............I'm still praying for a vaginal delivery & not a C-section!! Please keep that in your prayers as well!

EDITED TO ADD: our contractor has left the country on a business trip. he's left his top guy (Gustavo) in charge....hubby asked Gustavo about carpet & Gustavo says he knows nothing about it, he wasn't authorized to handle that........I asked hubby when our contractor will be back & hubby says it'll be over a week........I am sooooo upset..........
EDITED AGAIN TO ADD: hubby says he's not gonna sit here & wait on the contractor--he texted him & left a message for him & if he doesn't call back by tomorrow morning hubby is going to call & arrange for the flooring store to handle our flooring order & we will pay for it ourselves out of the insurance money & deduct that out of what our contractor is getting. Thank God is all I can say!!! So we are again expecting to have the house floored by Friday of this week.

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