Friday, March 27, 2009

37 week update

So tomorrow I will be in my 37th week of pregnancy. WOW is really all I can say........only 3 more weeks to go...........doesn't seem long at all to me.

There's really nothing to report...........everything is still basically the same--still swelling, tired, getting heartburn some nights, peeing all night, etc. The baby is still extremely active & is still breech most days. I guess the headaches & nausea have subsided, I'm sure that was just because I was eating out so much (because I was homeless due to painters). We eat so healthy at home that when we eat out too much we never feel good. The food they serve out there is just not healthy.

So our house is still a mess--hubby is having his buddy come sometime soon & clean up the painter's mess & finish off the job properly. We still have to replace some broken things around the house. We also need to sit down with our contractor (whenever he's back in the country) & finish off our deal with him. We still need some sort of mold test done--he got the insurance to pay for that but it still hasn't been done & we want it done after all that water damage. We need to discuss the whole paint situation & all the damages & things we are deducting for off of that price. We already had our house measured for carpet & laminate. I think tomorrow we're going to go choose the exact ones we want--we had chosen some but that company was just way too much money. My brother in law called up the company that had carpeted his house not too long ago & told him both of us now need carpet & if he gives us a good price he will have these 2 houses & possibly more fire houses in the area. He brought some samples yesterday when he came to measure, BUT we decided we would rather just go to his showroom & see more, we weren't thrilled with what he brought. He seemed to like really dark colors & we are sticking with light colors (mostly because our house is small & if you go dark it will just look even smaller).

Our rocking chair is ready to be picked up, hopefully we can go get it this weekend. And hopefully we can get the house floored this coming week. I am really, really hoping a week from tomorrow hubby will be assembling baby furniture!

As for my garden--the parsley & cilantro are really taking off, but not much else is at this point. I am unable to really work on it much at this point (can't be down on my hands & knees in my condition, LOL!!), so I just have to do the best I can right now & pray for a good harvest.

Like I said--not a lot to report.........

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