Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Casa Buendia updates

As a side note I will mention that I am still feeling REALLY lousy. Headache, dizzy, still swelling, nausea, etc. I am again homeless due to painters, at a corner bakery using wifi.

So we've had painters in our house since last Tuesday. We were told they would be there Tues-Sat. We even had to stay in a hotel on Tues & Wed night. People keep telling us to just stay in a hotel like that will solve everything. I don't know, maybe it's just us, but staying in a hotel is no fun. It's uncomfortable, noisy, you are living out of luggage, just not our idea of a good or relaxing time at all.

We are now wishing we had just rented a house for a month & moved out. It would still be somewhat like being in a hotel, but a little bit better (less noise & more privacy for sure).

The painters we have are HORRIBLE. I can actually see them coming in & trying to get away with doing a crappy job, BUT once we start complaining you would think they would know better than to continue to do a crappy job. Every day we come to horrendous paint work (I swear I could paint better right handed--& I am left handed) as well as stuff in our house damaged. Every day there is more & more stuff damaged. It just keeps getting worse & worse.

To make matters worse our contractor is out of the country on business. He left his top guy in charge. And of course he dropped the ball on the flooring. He never told his top guy about the carpet & laminate flooring & he says he won't do it without authorization from our contractor. We called our contractor complaining (too bad if he's on a trip, he knows our urgency with the baby coming) & he finally got back to us & told us to just floor our house & he just won't get paid for that part of the work. That's what we were already going to do, but we are glad he is not going to fight us on that.

So last night we called the top guy & asked him to come by this morning so we could walk through room by room & show him our issues. He agreed 100% with us, he was yelling at the painters telling them how bad of a job they are doing. The list went on & on & on & we didn't even get to every detail. We have taken photos of much of the stuff, especially damage. Not to mention the fact that our contractor provided them with a shop vac & they never use it--apparently they think hubby & I are their maids. I told hubby I'm gonna charge them for maid service. We are also mad cuz they keep using our toilets (so we have to clean them every single day so we can use them) & our contractor provided them with a port-a-potty. They even had the nerve to deny it to our faces--but I keep booby-trapping the toilets & can tell when they've been used.

So in the end they are supposed to be finishing off our closet today (fixing the horrible job they did in there) so we can at least sleep in our bed again (all of our closet is on our bed, so we have to sleep on the couches). And I think they are gonna do some work painting the exterior & then supposedly they are leaving & it's up to us to find our own painters, have them fix all their crap, & bill our contractor for it all.

So our issue now is finding a painter--a GOOD painter--that can do the job quickly. And then we still need flooring. And of course we can't set up the baby stuff until all of that is done.....................and all of this is from damages that occurred way back in November. This is by far one of the most ridiculous & unbelievable situations I've ever lived through.


The painters were supposed to come back today to finish off the job & do some work outside, BUT yesterday hubby fired them & asked them to not come back. Hubby also was able to get ahold of the guy who originally painted our house when hubby first moved in & he did a fabulous job & did it for really cheap cuz he's known him for so long. We also begged him (cuz he's sooo busy) to make time to paint my brother in law's house when the time comes for that so Victor doesn't have to go through what we are going through--he said he would definitely do that.

So today I am working on making a list of all the damages & broken items the painters caused. And later today we have the carpet installers coming to measure the house for carpet, yay!!!!

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