Monday, March 23, 2009


As a side note I must say that I am not feeling well at all the past few days--headache, dizzy, & the swelling in my feet/hands is getting REALLY bad. But I do have a doc appointment later today. I am currently homeless due to painters in the house, I am in a panera near my home using the wifi to post this & trying to do some research on carpet/laminate flooring. Soon I will go back to my car to take a nap.

So one of the many things I've been doing research on lately is cookware. Hubby has always used the teflon pans--he likes that it's nonstick & he can cook easily without using oil. But of course the more research I do the more bad stuff I find on teflon. This has been a tough one to convince hubby on. I keep comparing it to using artificial sweeteners--they KNOW they cause cancer yet people keep on using it--now hubby will admit that that's not smart & he would never do that, yet that's exactly what he's doing by continuing to use teflon cookware.

So based on my research stainless steel & cast iron looked the best to me. There are still some people complaining about those as well, but in comparison to the teflon I find them a much better option.

So several months ago I bought a stainless steel skillet. I was hoping to win hubby over with it. It was ok, but eggs (well, scrambled eggs) were still sticking badly in the pan, no matter what we did. So that wasn't really selling hubby at all.

I did some more research & ended up deciding to try a cast iron skillet. Not too long ago I bought one & so far we LOVE it!! Scrambled eggs don't stick! So between the two--stainless steel & cast iron--I feel we are well covered for our needs.

But of course we still had our saucepans & a grill pan that were teflon. So I just recently brought home 2 stainless steel saucepans. I also found a big grill/griddle (grill on one side & griddle on the other side) that fits over 2 burners that is made of cast iron--this one is totally awesome!! And we also had a stock pot that is teflon, but we have 2 other large pots that are stainless steel.

So with all this work going on in our house we are getting rid of a lot of stuff. We've packed it all up for salvation army. So we went ahead & packed up the teflon cookware for the salvation army as well.

We do still have a wok that is teflon coated. But we rarely use it & I haven't seen a replacement for it as of yet. Once again I feel you can never eliminate EVERYTHING, all you can do is minimize exposure as much as possible, so I feel ok about that.

I am praying that the saucepans & grill/griddle end up being winners for us!!

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