Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My latest OB appointment & other updates....

Ok, so I wrote this whole blog earlier & somehow when I went to submit it I lost it all. I was so frustrated & irritated that I just left the computer at the time. I shall try this again now..........

So yesterday was my latest OB appointment. I had to wait longer than usual to be called back & then once called back I was waiting quite a while, which is not the norm, BUT last time I do recall I had to wait longer than usual. Finally one of the gals in the office poked her head in & told me she had just found out that my doc had rushed off to an emergency delivery. She asked me if I wanted to reschedule or just see the other doc in the office. I agreed to see the other doc--he may very well end up delivering my baby (it all depends on who is on call at the time the baby decides to arrive). I saw him once several years ago & didn't care for him then, that's why I went with the other OB in this office.

I have to say that my OB is soooo scattered & unprofessional. She always comes in with a piece of paper (where's my chart?) & she never can remember who I am or what's going on. She always asks me the same questions over & over. And I gave up asking her anything now, she just stares at her little piece of paper all confused & doesn't seem to know what's going on. It certainly doesn't instill much confidence, BUT this is almost over with, thank God. So this other doc in the same office comes in with his laptop (which is how my primary doc does it) & in there he has my whole chart. He doesn't know me at all & within a minute or so he has quickly reviewed my chart in the laptop & knows more than I think my OB has ever known when she sees me, LOL! So he tells me I'm 34 weeks & asks if I'm having any issues. I tell him I've started having some slight swelling in my ankles/feet, but that I assume that's normal at this stage of pregnancy. He said yes it is, especially since my blood pressure is so low (115/60, not too far off from my usual 80-90/50), he says it's nothing to worry about. He tells me my blood pressure is great, my weight is right on target (MY OB keeps telling me I've gained too much?). He then measures my tummy & says it's right on target with my due date. He then feels my tummy & points to a specific spot & says "the heart is right there" & puts the doppler there & voila we hear the heartbeat. MY OB has to move the doppler all over the place frantically searching for the heartbeat each time I go. I complimented him on his good aim.

I am still going every 2 weeks for now (have been for a while now), but he said soon I will be going every week. He said next visit she would check my cervix for dilation (it feels like it is to me, but it has felt this way for over a month now, I have no idea if that's normal or not at this stage........) & do the GBS test.

Other updates: last night hubby & I finally made time to sit down & discuss what we need & want for the baby. We have our 10% off coupon for completing our registry now, so we are ready to make our big final purchase. Originally we were going to start with a bassinet (cuz we don't have a room for the baby, it's going in our bedroom for now), BUT I know it's gonna outgrow the bassinet & it seems pointless to me to spend money on two separate beds in the end. So I measured & found that the crib would fit in our room, so we nixed the bassinet idea. We had also planned to buy an organizer thing to put in our closet to store the baby's stuff, but I knew I wanted to order the matching changing table/dresser with the crib (so it wouldn't be obsolete later on when we're ready for it) & so I measured in our room & found that we could even fit the changing table/dresser, SO we nixed the idea of the closet organizer also, since the dresser has 3 drawers to store baby items.

So our big order includes: stroller/carseat combo, crib, changing table/dresser, mattress, bedding (a couple of sheets & a bumper). We also both wanted a playpen, audio monitor, & the rainforest floor mat gym--not necessities by any means, but things that we really like/want & feel will be useful to us.

As for strictly wants: I had wanted a jogging stroller & a rocking chair. I had found a glider-rocking chair for $99 & we have a gift card that will cover over half that. I asked hubby what he thought & he started looking at it & then at others on that website & found a nicer looking chair (color-wise it matches our house better) that has a matching ottoman for $129. I told him I was trying to keep the price as low as possible, but he felt the extra $30 was worth it to get a nicer looking chair & an ottoman. As for the jogging stroller, we just have to put it on hold at this time or maybe not get one at all. I am so grateful to get a rocker that I'm not gonna stress over not getting a jogging stroller.

One thing I absolutely LOVE about shopping online or at least picking stuff out online is that (at least at some websites--where we have our registry & where we're getting the rocking chair) they have it where people who have bought that item can post reviews on it. I love to be able to look at those & see how many people thought it was junk & how many loved it, etc. It really helps me to decide on which to buy & which to avoid.

We'll be placing both of those orders (registry & rocking chair) very soon. I can't wait!!!

We agreed that we can wait until later on to worry about high chair or booster seat & walker & shopping cart nest (also wants, but not needed for at least a few more months).

I think that's all the updates I have for now................I can't wait for the stuff to start arriving!! And once our bedroom is painted & carpeted (not too far away now) we can start setting up the baby stuff!! I can't wait!!!!!!

As for Casa Buendia updates: we are working on selecting carpet & paint that we want. And a plumber came yesterday to work on some of the stuff from when they repiped the plumbing through the attic. We had some really rattly pipes & he was working on making them quieter.

Very soon we will get the paint & carpet going. We stopped last Sunday at a carpet store & chose about 3 that we liked. We asked if they had samples we could take home, but he said we would have to order them & wait for them to come in. Since we don't really have time for that he offered to let us take the big pages of carpet home from the display. We simply left a small deposit & walked out with them. We also chose a laminate flooring for the dining room.

Yesterday on my way home from my OB's office I stopped at the Dunn Edwards store to get a whole bunch of color cards so we can all decide on paint. As I walked in a young girl working there excitedly asked me if I was painting the baby's room. I skipped the fact that we don't actually have a room for the baby, but did tell her that we are actually painting our whole house. So I started gathering up color cards & she offered for me to sit down with this big fan-type thing, she said it has every color they make in it. I told her I needed to take them home & decide with the kids & hubby. She hesitated for a moment & then insisted I just take the fan thing (like in the old movies, the little hand fan the ladies carried) home. I felt bad for some reason & insisted it was ok. She did not want me on my feet gathering the color chart cards. She insisted I take the thing home--she said they normally charge for it & ask for it to be returned, but that she would just give it to me. I finally gave in & just took it & left. Hubby could not believe they gave me this thing--it has thousands of colors in there!! I'm sure we can loan it to my brother in law once he gets to the point of choosing paint colors for his house, LOL!! Hubby likes Dunn Edwards paint (that's what our house already has from the last time he painted) & our contractor says that's all he uses.

I think that's all the updates I have for now...........

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