Friday, November 18, 2011

The Duggars

This seems to have become a hot topic recently.  But I find it very odd, I must say.

Until VERY recently I had never heard of this family.  One day recently I received the new copy of Mom Sense magazine (a leftover from my MOPS scholarship last year) & it featured the Duggar family, with an interview with Michelle Duggar.

Now I guess they have a reality TV show, but I must say that I've never seen it.  I truly rarely watch TV & am not even aware of such a show existing. 

Just in case someone else out there has never heard of this family & is reading this they are a family with 19 kids & now pregnant with #20.

When I read the interview with Michelle I was fascinated.  Now I will say that I have no desire whatsoever to have that large of a family.  But at the same time I was very impressed with them.  The next day or so I showed the magazine to my hubby & at first he was saying it wasn't normal, etc.  But then I stopped him & started sharing my view on it & he stopped & listened & found that he totally agreed with me.  But he still had to make it known that he also has no desire to have that large of a family, LOL.  I have to say that it's a good thing that we're both on the same page when it comes to that, LOL.

The very next day as I'm browsing Facebook I see LOTS of people bad=mouthing the Duggars because they announced the pregnancy with child #20.  I was so shocked.  At first I just ignored the comments people were making.  But later on I went back & responded, as politely as I could. 

In all honesty, some of the comments were REALLY out of line, talking about her body parts & sex life.  Just rude & crude put=downs.  The Bible commands that we don't speak badly about ANYONE.  And such things as this are truly no one's business, it's their personal life.  Of course there are people arguing that since they put themselves on TV that they've actually ASKED for the criticism & judgment.  Once again, that is totally Biblically incorrect. 

As for me, here's the way I see it: This family is not on welfare (I am actually very curious what the husband does for a living to support such a large family) or other assistance.  They are Christians, sending out many to spread the gospel.  The kids are all very well behaved. 

I've seen several people saying that they can't have enough one on time with their kids.  First of all I don't think it's anyone's business.  Someone could have only one or two kids & not have enought one on one time, that doesn't dictate whether or not they can or should have kids or how many kids.

And I've seen people criticizing that the older siblings are helping out.  I see nothing wrong with this.  Being part of a family is all about team work.  And what a great way to teach that & incorporate that.  And then those older siblings are so much more prepared once they have their own kids.  I've seen some say that they should be allowed to "just be a teenager" during those years.  I really disagree & don't like the whole modern day "teenager" deal.  First of all it isn't Biblical & secondly it's teaching selfishness rather than teamwork within the family unit.

I must also add that I've known several people from large families (not 20 kids large, but still large).  There is a very different dynamic in a large family, it just isn't the same as the typical sized family.  But that doesn't make it wrong or that it shouldn't be done.  And not one of the people I've known has said that they hated being part of a large family, they all LOVE it.

So that's my opinion on that topic.  A good NaBloPoMo topic if I do say so myself.  :)


Anonymous said...

You might enjoy reading (and it would answer your questions) the Duggar's books:

20 and Counting
A Love That Multiplies

The first book details their courtship and journey into having so many children, homeschooling, etc.

The second book discusses the premature birth of their 19th child and the ways they parent, why they do the things they do etc.

Mrs P

Danielle-Marie said...

You already read my post on the Duggars so you know where I stand on this topic. I will say I agree that there is no need to make rude remarks about Michelle's body or the couple's sex life. I don't agree with how many children they've had but I still wish them well and hope Michelle has an easier pregnancy this time and a safe delivery of their new child.