Saturday, November 5, 2011

Respectable Sins

In September a new women's Bible study session was starting up at my church. I decided to sign up. I feel like Ive been sort of stagnant in my spiritual walk for a little while feeling like Im standing still & not learning & growing like I desire to.

At the last church we fellowshipped at they REALLY REALLY (did I mention "really"?) emphasized being in God's Word DAILY & every single day. At first I thought it was a little exaggerated but as I pondered it more I could see a multitude of reasons why this was good to do. I definitely did my best & gave it mu all but I always ended up failing on days that I worked. I worked 12 hour shifts & had to get up at 5am & got home after 8 pm, barely had time to eat & was ready for bed. I was never able to be successful on days I worked. Now that Im a SAHM I am able to do it. Its challenging with a toddler but I cant even remember the last time I failed. Last Febryary I started the one yearBible reading plan. I have not missed a single day. I like the way its organized-a little OT, a little NT, a little psalms, & a little proverbs.

In all honesty I was a tad disappointed to see them using a book, rather than just the actual Bible itself. BUT I must say that this study is amazing, just what I needed. The title is "Respectable Sins", the author is Jerry Bridges. I highly recommend EVERY Christian to go through this study.

I hope to find time to post more on this topic.


Danielle-Marie said...

Please do post more on this topic. I'm interested in this One Year Bible Reading Plan. Actually, I'm going to google it now, lol.

Frau Guten Tag said...

I know they sell one year Bibles, but you can also just use the reading plan with whatever Bible you already have. I have the youversion Bible app on my iPhone (they have it in Android apps also) & it has lots of different reading plans, including the one year. I find following a reading plan a better way to read my Bible every day. Works better for me anyways.

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this. I've been meaning to join a Bible study. There's one being held in our community right now, but I can never get childcare when it's on. I feel really awful that we have been MIA from our church for over four months. We went last Sunday, but the summer was hard. We've been back and forth to visit my MIL in the hospital (2.5 hr drive there and 2.5 hr drive back). With the farm, we never have "days off" - I know there's no excuse. I miss church. I miss the fellowship too.

I'm hoping to get to church next Sunday and will also mention "Respectable Sins".

Calfkeeper said...

This is a good topic. I wish we could get a good Bible study going around here.