Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NaBloPoMo in review

This is the first year I've ever taken on the NaBloPoMo challenge.  And I am proud to say that I've succeeded!!  I didn't miss a single day!

I am quite glad that I took the challenge.  Part of me was dreading it.  I already feel overworked, trying to fit everything in each day & oftentimes failing & being overdue for lots of stuff on my to=do list.  Oh how I hate to look at my to=do list when there's all those bright red, ugly, overdue items on the list, in addition to the current ones!!

But I had fallen into a rut of not really blogging anymore.  The blog just sat here & I would occasionally post updates on my son, but that was about it.  This reminded me how much I love to write, to blog.  How therapeutic it is for me in a sense.

Hopefully this means that I will continue to blog, at least somewhat more regularly than I have been.

I will definitely continue with the "Respectable Sins" blogs chapter by chapter.  That one is just too good to not share.  I do hope that anyone who is enjoying those blogs will get the book.  I can't possibly share everything in my blog, you will be beyond blessed if you get the book.  I had started with these because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to come up with enough topics to finish out the month, but as you can see I certainly did.

So here comes December & getting ready for Christmas!!


Calfkeeper said...

YAY! Congrats on finishing 30 blogposts in 30 days! At first it seems impossible, but it gets easier as you go. I enjoy reading the respectable sins book info. I will have to get the book myself.

Danielle-Marie said...

Congrats on completing the challenge. These types of challenges intimidate me because unfortunately I suffer from a lot of writer's block. I agree, bring on Christmas! This year is the first year Landon has really begun to take an understanding about how Christmas day is Jesus Christ's birthday. It's so exciting!