Thursday, November 3, 2011

Unforgettable moments in potty training

Potty training is challenging at times. And no matter how frustrating an accident may be, I always remind myself (especially in the early days) that this is all foreign to Lil J & I cant expect him to learn it immediately & I cant get mad or punish him for an accident. And I also try hard to not embarrass him when he has an accident, as I can tell he is usually embarrassed about it, so I do my best to minimize the embarrassment factor him.

Lil J cant pull his pants & undies up & down well, so in the mornings, while I workout & shower, I leave him in just a shirt & he uses the potty on his own.

One day early on in potty training I came out of the shower & found poo poo on the living room floor. I could see that Lil J was extremely embarrassed about his accident. I gave him a kiss & told him next time try to make it to the potty & I cleaned it up. I first picked up each piece of poo poo with a baby wipe & then I cleaned the carpet. The whole time Lil J stood there, watching me, with his head hung down in shame. I felt really bad for him.

A few days later I came out of the shower & found on the living room floor a pile of baby wipes full if poo poo. Lil J had had an accident & had tried to clean it up for me. Oh what a moment-my heart just melted when I realized what had happened.

As touching as this was, after this incident I started focusing on teaching him to NEVER touch poo poo. (Especially since when hes in the yard he'll point at dog poop & yell "poo poo"!)

Its been a very long time now since hes had any accidents like that. But just last weekend (while my hubby was here even) I came out of the shower & Lil J came running to me. He grabbed me by the hand, pointing & saying "poo poo". He led me to the dining room. Hubby was sitting at the dining table, balancing the checkbook. I asked hubby if J had pooped, that he was telling me there was poo poo over here. Hubby insisted he hadnt when we both spotted a big poo poo log amongst Lil J's toys. We quickly cleaned it up & I thanked Lil J for telling me. And me & hubby laughed SO HARD. It was such a funny monent.

Ah the things you go thru once youre a parent!!

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Danielle-Marie said...

What a sweetie pie trying to clean up his mess! And thank goodness he brought you to the mess this time instead of smearing poo everywhere. It's so amazing how fast they're learning new things. It's truly incredible.