Thursday, November 14, 2013

Converting to gluten free products--part 2

I know I posted before that I was switching over to gluten free body wash, shampoo, conditioner, & lotion.  I am so grateful to Costco for selling body wash, shampoo, & conditioner that is gluten free, paraben free, sulfate free, etc, etc.  They are not the most natural of products, but they are much better ingredient-wise than most of what you find in the average store & they are effective & super affordable.  Having difficult hair as I do, I have to say that many of the natural hair products just don't work at all for me.  And many of the natural body washes don't lather well.  And I absolutely adore the Everyday Shea lavender lotion I am using.

I am little by little trying to determine what is & isn't gluten free that I'm using.  It feels a little overwhelming to try to figure everything out all at once.  It almost seems impossible as well.  I know that seems like an unbelievable statement, but it's really hard to stop & think of every single product that I come in contact with.  It's sort of a gradual realization over time as I'm using each product.

I'm close to eating gluten free for one year now.  And it's been challenging but I feel I have learned a ton of stuff about eating gluten free in the past 11 months or so.

And now I'm feeling I should ensure that everything else I'm using is gluten free as well, whether it enters my body or not.  (Especially for my son, but he's very simple--just body wash, shampoo,  lotion, toothpaste, & mouth washes)  I did contact Neutrogena Naturals regarding a face wash I use by them--I use this one when I'm wearing foundation because it has a makeup remover built into it, which isn't very often these days.  They did verify that it's gluten free, although they couldn't guarantee that no cross contamination occurs along the way.  Since I don't use it very often, & I know that statement is mostly to cover their butts in a legal sense, I feel ok with continuing to use it.  (Most restaurants that offer gluten free menus also have the same legal disclaimer, that they cannot guarantee the foods are gluten free, but in most cases I don't react & I am very sensitive)

My toothpaste is clearly labeled gluten free, so I didn't have to check on that one. I am surprised that more products aren't labeled as gluten free when they are in fact gluten free.  Especially the brands you find in health food stores.

I did contact Alba about my face wash a while back & I never got a response.  So I contacted them again, this time including other Alba products that I use in the question--unpetroleum, sun screen, lip glosses & lip tints.  I had actually never realized how many Alba products I use!  I am hoping they all check out as gluten free.

We use 3 mouthwashes/rinses.  I decided to ensure that these are gluten free, especially since they go in our mouths (Lil J only uses 2 of the 3).  I was thrilled when I went to the website for Closys because it clearly states gluten free on the main page of the website, in big & bold print.  I had never heard of this product prior to reading the book "kiss your dentist goodbye" & I had no idea that it was such a healthy & natural product.  But based on what I read on their website it certainly is.  I just wish it wasn't so hard to find.  I emailed listerine & spry to check on the gluten status of the mouthwashes I use from them. Listerine responded saying that I need to call them on the phone with my question. I should be able to do that this coming week. 

I was fighting a cold recently & as I took my dimetapp that I take for sinus congestion I found myself worrying that it might not be gluten free.  I didn't have a reaction, but still called pfizer the next day & they verified that all of the dimetapp products do not contain gluten & there is no risk of cross contamination.  Thank God for that since the liquid children's cold & allergy formula is the only thing that helps my sinuses!!

And for now that's all I can think of that I haven't checked on as of makeup is gluten free, well all the bare minerals stuff I everyday lip balm is also......but I'm waiting to hear from Alba about the lip gloss & lip tint that I use for special occasions.  (if my lips are extra dry I use the alba unpetroleum on them, so I'm also really hoping that one is gluten free as well)

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