Thursday, November 14, 2013

Homeschool Preschool Unit 14--King David--Part 1

I am using Heart of Dakota's Little Hands to Heaven, Bob books beginning reader books, various forms of Spanish, & reading aloud (usually from a chapter book) to my 4 year old son.

This week/unit focuses on the letter L & David.

On Monday we started off the week with a new fingerplay.  We read about David becoming King in the Bible.  Lil J read another Bob book.  He did really well this time, he's starting to gain the confidence he needs, realizing that he really is able to do it.  We discussed what we read in the Bible, he practiced writing "L" & "l".  I walked away for a moment while he was writing the Ls & came back to find him going crazy with it & he told me he was adding grass, LOL!!  He did 'count on me', drawing & counting jewels (diamonds).  But I must say it didn't explain why it was jewels......I don't get it & couldn't explain it to my son.  Then we did Spanish & since it's Veteran's Day we discussed what that means & he colored a Veteran's Day page.  (I had looked for a craft, but couldn't find anything, so I settled on this coloring page)  Then we did our songs--a song about David, books of the Bible, God made the universe, & 10 commandments.  Later on I will read aloud.

I started getting sick on Monday evening & was very sick on Tuesday & Wednesday.  I considered doubling up on Thursday & Friday & getting caught up, but I was still very tired & just didn't feel like it. I decided to just rest & next week I'll take off Monday--my busy laundry, housecleaning, swim lesson day (& I think I'll try to squeeze in some grocery shopping) & then pick up where we left off on Tuesday & finish off the rest of the week as usual.  

On Thursday evening I started feeling lousy again & am not feeling well as of Friday morning, while posting this. Praying I get well fast for our eventful weekend we have planned. 

My biggest regret was that I had promised to take Lil J back to the zoo on Tuesday of this week.  I'm normally up at 4 or 5 am but not when I'm sick of course.  Lil J came to my bed on Tuesday morning & put his face in mine, saying "mom, wake up, let's go to the zoo" over & over again.  I felt soooooo bad, but there was no way I had the energy or strength to go.  Hopefully this coming Tuesday we'll be able to go.  

On a sidenote: next month I am planning to move the swim lessons to Friday mornings rather than Mondays.  The swim instructor that Lil J likes best (& she is an amazing instructor, she really pushes him to advance & do better) is only there on Mondays & Fridays.  So that will make Mondays easier.  But I'm debating on whether or not I should condense school into 4 days per week.  We could do it Monday thru Thursday & then not have to worry about it along with the swimming......just a thought but I think I might give it a try soon & see how it goes.  I know the curriculum I'm using starts out at 5 days per week but a couple of years in it changes to 4 days per week.  I think it's to accommodate extracurricular activities (or just plain old life I guess).  But I've been considering doing it now & since we have the swim lesson causing us to do school so late in the day I'm thinking I might as well just condense it to 4 days as of now.  This is the first month I've done the swim lessons in the morning (on a weekday I mean, for his first year of going there he went on Saturday mornings) & I love doing it in the mornings, I'm just wondering if life would be easier if we condense the school week.  

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