Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Preschool Apps & Modern Technology in Preschool Learning

I'm pretty picky about not letting my son play on my phone or the computer.  I know there are a lot of educational apps out there & people get so excited, saying how smart it's going to make their kid.  I'm pretty picky about sticking with old fashioned type ways of learning.  When I homeschool my son we use actual BOOKS.  

I will add that I am VERY anti-video-game & a lot of these modern educational apps, etc is just leading them towards video games from an extremely young age in my opinion.  All in the name of education.  

I am not judging anyone that wants to use modern technology.  I just don't trust it & I strongly believe that the old fashioned way produces much smarter people.  

There is an anti-reading/anti-book movement taking place that I absolutely loathe & I refuse to allow my son to join in that camp.  My son LOVES books & that's just the way I want to keep it.  

The one exception I've allowed is when it comes to learning a foreign language.  I do want my son to be fluent in both English & Spanish.  And since I'm NOT fluent in Spanish I struggle to teach him.  If I was fluent I could simply just talk to him in Spanish, but I am unable to do so.  We do practice Spanish words & I do read aloud to him in Spanish.  Even if I don't know what I'm reading my pronunciation is still very good.  But I feel I'm lacking, so I have downloaded an app on my phone that teaches Spanish.  We don't do it a lot, however, it's just an occasional fun thing.  It's great when we're stuck somewhere & he's getting antsy.  Or if I'm under the weather & need to keep him entertained.

And I am planning to order a CD Rom program of Spanish instruction when my son gets a little older.  Of course I am also planning to do Spanish workbooks as well, when he's old enough to do so.  I do feel like the modern technology really helps to reinforce a lesson like this in a way that I personally am unable to do so.  This is a tough one to simply learn from a book alone.    

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