Thursday, November 14, 2013


I am definitely a product of the whole dumbing down of the govt.  I have always felt that I got ripped off when it comes to my education in school.  I can remember my older sister & brother discussing things they were learning in school & I would think to myself "someday I'm gonna be learning that" & yet in most cases I never did.  

Granted I didn't apply myself as much as I should've/could've from 7th grade onward BUT I was aware of what was being covered in my classes......and there's an awful lot that wasn't covered.

I love to learn & I am a smart person--in college I had exceptional grades with an extremely heavy load of difficult classes.  I have always wished there was a learn on your own program that would fill in the gaps that I missed in school.  

One of the biggest gaps I'm aware of is grammar.  I can remember learning grammar in elementary school but we never learned about it again after that.  All the English classes after that focused on spelling & vocabulary words & reading literature.  There was some composing involved as well.  But there was NO grammar.  

So in elementary school I learned the very basic parts of grammar.  But there's all kinds of stuff that we never touched on.  It was assumed that we would learn it later on....yet we never did.  And even as poorly as my grammar education was I can clearly see that what's being given in schools now is far, far worse.  

Grammar is something that's important to me.  I do try my best to use proper grammar--at least as much as I'm aware of.  I am certain that I make errors that I'm not even aware of.  And when I'm rushed & don't proof read what I've written (moreso with typing than with writing by hand) I do find that I make stupid mistakes that I never should've made.  

And in the younger generation I see improper grammar all over the place.  Even with super basic stuff.  And I don't see teachers correcting it either!!  It's crazy to me.  All the words with apostrophes are used incorrectly these days.  And that's just a basic understand of what you're actually saying.  I don't understand why that is so poorly understood nowadays.

And now you add on all the texting & online abbreviations to the already poorly taught grammar & I fear that future generations to come will be an absolute disaster when it comes to grammar.   

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