Thursday, November 14, 2013

SB 48 AB 1266

When SB48 was passed into California law my pastor decided to put up a fight.  He began a statewide campaign.  When the government passes a law without the public voting on it we have the right to collect signatures.  And if we collect enough signatures we can get the law on the ballot to be voted on by the public.  

Sadly (& shockingly I might add) we didn't get enough signatures to repeal SB48 & it was put into law January of this year.  

So once again the government (or should I specify that Governor Brown was the responsible person) passed AB1266 into law.  Once again my pastor jumped into action.  My pastor feels that when he stands before God & is accountable he can at least say that he tried to fight the evil laws, irregardless of the outcome of the fight.  

This time we have collected enough signatures--so long as the government doesn't find a loophole.  Apparently for any error in the signature collection paperwork the government will automatically deduct 15% of the total signatures for each error.  This could be someone signing on the wrong county, someone signing more than once accidentally, not filling out their info properly, etc.  

So we continue to pray & wait for the final outcome.  

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