Thursday, November 21, 2013

Gluten free beauty products

I've recently purchased a few new makeup items that are gluten free.....Cover FX pure pressed mineral foundation & erase paste concealer by Benefit.  Buying makeup is a rare thing for me these days.  And I'm happy to report that I'm really liking them.

I saw Rebecca Black using them & reviewing them on YouTube & I really liked what I saw.  For anyone interested in Gluten Free living I highly recommend looking up Andrew Cordova & Rebecca Black--they have a podcast, a magazine, & are both on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram (I LOVE instagram), etc.  As a woman I really appreciate Rebecca sharing info on beauty products.  There's so little info out there on those types of products.  These two people do what they do simply to help others, they don't make money on any of it, they just love to help people & they do a great job at it.  They have helped me tremendously.  I must say I am really not into podcasts.  Podcasts & videos are super hard for me to watch & listen to with my son.  But I make a point to follow their podcast because it is so full of useful info.  I highly highly recommend following these two if you have any interest in the gluten free life.

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